‘Man of Arran - A Multi Award Winning Short Documentary’

A love letter to humanity from a wise man.

Directors Statement - Man of Arran.

"Man of Arran" is a cinematic exploration of the beauty of Ireland's coastline, juxtaposed with the inner strength of 83-year-old Paddy Conaghan, a man who refuses to let age define him.

Embarking on an extraordinary adventure: circumnavigating Ireland, diving into winter seas, literally immersing himself in Irelands rugged coastal beauty, and promoting the cause of mental health awareness.

Through, stunning visuals, heartfelt interviews, and Paddy's captivating storytelling, Man of Arran aims to transport the audience into Paddy's world and his mission.

It is with great pride and passion that I present this film as my directorial debut and production. I've particular resonance with Paddy because he's doing this film for people who are currently struggling.


Man of Arran is a love letter to humanity from a wise man.

In step with these times and in tune with his environment: - it’s a homage to the craggy, rugged, wild Irish coastline. A gentle celebration of empathy and humility from an 83 year old swimmer pushing himself to impossible lengths in communion with nature and with compassion for the grief of a friend.

There are no stereotypes or cliches that chime effectively with this film but to connect with a few…

It is uplifting, inspiring and beautiful.

Jim Sheridan
Six Time Acadamey Award Winning Nominee

Film Details

  • Title Man Of Arran
  • Year 2023
  • Director/Producer Paul McCambridge
  • Development Producer Donal Macintyre
  • Executive Producers Jim Sheridan & Mark Ward
  • Country Ireland
  • Duration 20 Mins


  • Kendal Mountain Festival Official Selection and selected for the 'Best of Kendal'
  • London Global Film Awards Best Director and Short Documentary Film Awards
  • Chicago Irish Film Festival Official Selection - Feb '24
  • Capital Irish Film Festival, Washington Officially Selected - Feb '24
  • Mountain Festival Fortwilliam Officially Selected and Winner of the People's Choice Award - Feb '24
  • AmDocs, Palmsprings Officially Selected - Mar '24
  • Liverpool Indie Awards Winner - Best Short Documentary - March ’24
  • Hollywood Short Fest Officially Selected - April ’24